How you can help!

Please sign our guestbook to be kept up-to-date on Johnathan’s health and fundraiser happenings!
We are on a mission to find potential therapies, and possibly a cure for this terrible and devastating disease. 
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Man power is priceless!

We could use help with any of the following:
Fundraising ideas
Run your own fundraiser
Help with media to get the word out
Help during fundraisers and Set-up and/or clean up of events
Advertising events
Talents and ideas that might be useful to the cause
Contacts that may be of use
Ideas for resources

Most importantly: 
Tell others about Johnathan and his fight!
When events start coming up, please let others know so they can help too!

Our small community has already done an amazing amount and I think
we could make a HUGE impact on not only curing NPC, but other more well-known illness as a result from the research!

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