Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Easter Egg FAQ

We are back again!

Have your kids (grandkids, neighbors, etc ) wake up to a magical Easter morning with 2 dozen plastic eggs filled with toys, stickers, and candy on your lawn!
$20 for 2 dozen Easter Eggs filled w/ candy, etc. will be placed on your front lawn late Saturday night for your kids to find Easter morning.
*If it rains they will be left on the porch*
Gilroy, hollister, AND Morgan Hill area only, please.
ALSO, if you would like us to do some egging earlier in the week, let us know.
We can 'egg' a coworker's desk, teachers, etc.
If you do not need to be “egged” but would like to help, donations of candy and plastic eggs are wanted and welcome! A private group is started for volunteers- please ask and we will add you.

All donations and proceeds go towards
Johnathan’s monthly travel expenses. We also hope to get his disney passes paid off and maybe even other attractions since he is going through so much.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Made it to Orange County

Made it safely to southern California for testing and to explore CHOC.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oakland A's?

As many of you know, My 9yo nephew Johnathan is undergoing an experimental treatment for Niemann Pick Type C (a terminal genetic illness).

Johnathan travels from the Bay Area CA to the NIH in Maryland monthly for treatments. My sister tries to make the trips somewhat fun since he goes through so much, but the treatment leaves him so wiped out it doesn’t seem to be able to do anything while there but rest :( He is currently there and this current treatment has him back in the hospital on an IV and medication so his zoo trip was cancelled and he is so disappointed.

I was thinking that after he gets home and rest that we should do something fun for him. Does anyone have any connections with the Oakland A’s? This is Johnathan’s favorite sports team! I would love to do something special for him involving them and thought maybe Facebook could help? Anyone have any contacts? Can you share this on your newsfeed to see if maybe one of your facebook friends do?

MANY THANKS for all who support Johnathan!!